Irresistible coffee on the go

Since 1971, we’ve been striving to make sure there’s quality coffee available, wherever you are. And now, over 40 years, 2,700 Costa stores and almost 5,000 Costa Coffee locations later, we’re even closer to fulfilling our goal.

Our cups are made from 100% recycled material

Your coffee doesn’t just taste good. It does good too.

Our Drinks

For the love of coffee, you have to check out this range of delights.

Classic Americano

A smooth coffee that mixes shots of espresso with hot water. Add milk if you like.

Smooth Espresso

Small in stature but intense in taste, our perfectly poured espresso packs a mighty punch.

Frothy Cappuccino

Espresso with steamed, frothy milk, perfect to enjoy at any time of day.

Irresistible Flat White

A rich, full-flavoured coffee with a velvety, smooth texture.

Creamy Caffè Latte

Simply made with espresso and fresh steamed milk.

Velvety Cortado

A short, rich extraction of Mocha Italia coffee served with a little smooth textured milk.

9 out of 10 coffee lovers would recommend us

*You Gov's Costa Express Customer Satisfaction survey UK, May 2015

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